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MiddleFingerRings's News

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - April 1st, 2018

Hey guys! Just a little update in case anyone is interested - I've been continuing down the dark career path of a 3D artist, and have recently moved from Sydney, Australia to London. It's been a crazy time in my life, but a lot of fun too. Thanks for the emails about Prosnorkulus, it's always nice to hear from people who have appreciated my work in the past! I definitely have a lot of nostalgia about making those toons, but I'm always trying to stay focused and make the next move to achieve my long term goals. Unfortunately that means I don't have the time to make Prosnorkulus, despite how much fun it is.

If you want to see something I've been doing recently - I've been posting some new art here on NG! I also just finished a little horror short film! Here's the link: https://vimeo.com/262734585



Posted by MiddleFingerRings - August 9th, 2015

Hi guys! Haven't really interacted with Newgrounds in a while, but I browse it a lot! Anyway, thought I'd update you about things. I sort of forget that some people actually like my dumb cartoons, so I apologise that it's been so long! I've been working in the CG industry here in Australia for just over a year, and its been very fulfilling and very challenging. I'm doing a mixture of 3D work, concept art and 2D design and animation. Check out my latest stuff here if you're interested! http://mirari.tv/Unilever-Hellmanns-Persil I am the lead designer on this project, working under Mirari's creative director. We're still producing more work in this series, so my work is largely 2D orientated at the moment. It's hard as hell, but fun.

Previous to that job, I worked as a 3D generalist on this, http://mirari.tv/Star-Alliance-Air-China and then as the lead concept artist and 3D modeller on this. http://mirari.tv/Star-Hub-Year-of-Goat-Ident

In regards to Prosnorkulus and other cartoons, unfortunately they're still on the backburner. I come back to them every now and then, but I've found it hard to be motivated to make more cartoons after getting home from doing cartoons all day! Maybe I'm just lazy. Another problem is that my script for Prosnorkulus 3 is a bit ridiculous - every time I rewrite or add to it, it becomes grander in scale and more insurmountable! I'm not a smart man.

Anyway that's that. I feel weird writing about myself like this, but I do get the odd email about it, so I feel bad not to update you fine folks. Thanks for enjoying my work, I really appreciate it!

- Ryan

Sandwich styleframe

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - November 22nd, 2013

I figured I should probably give people who are interested some kind of update on what I've been doing. I know there's a good chunk of people who are waiting patiently for Prosnorkulus 3, and I hate to disappoint them - but it's nowhere near finished yet. Sorry guys!

OK, now that 90% of people have left or placed a hit on me, I'll tell you what I have been doing. I've been working harder than ever to get some kind of valuable skillset and create a portfolio that will get me a job in the film industry as a digital artist. (Focusing largely on 3D modelling and animation.) You can see some of my work in the art portal now, actually. Here's one of 'em. Unfortunately I just haven't found the time to do much Prosnorkulus, as every second of time I can work is time I can use to improve my chances of getting a job.

As of now, I've finished university. I've finished the 3D project I was working on. I've just got to get through the exhibition/cinema screening, and then my university career will be over. (At least for now.) After that I will be searching for a job, while improving my portfolio and showreel. (In fact I've started that already.)

I have written Prosnorkulus 3, and done around 30% of the animatics. But I'm afraid I won't be able to really knuckle down and work on it until I have a job and some sort of stability in my career and personal life.

Thanks for reading! I still visit Newgrounds for a little while most days, to check up on things.

Just what IS MiddleFingerRings doing with his time?

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - February 9th, 2013


Just thought I'd make a little post highlighting two fine people who made kick-ass remixes of a dumb bit of audio I recorded a while ago called "Space Tigers".

1. Sp4ce Tiger5 by sadface-music.
2. Space Tigers by Ties4Tigers.

They're both great, but Sadface's one I find particularly hilarious. If I had more time I would so make it into a 'toon. MAYBE ONE DAY

Also Prosnorkulus 3 is on hiatus while I work on various other jobs that need doing. New ideas are forming every day, though. I do intend to get it out a year after episode 2 at the latest. How are you doing? How's the family?

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - January 1st, 2013

Holy fuck my ass that cartoon took a long time. Hope you guys like it!

Also: Just got my NG Calender! :D I've been floundering these past two days of 2013 without it.


Prosnorkulus 2 is out!

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - July 2nd, 2012

20 years old. What is that, halfway?

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - June 25th, 2012

Thought I'd write a little update on Prosnorkulus 2 for you playas. I've been slaving away at it for a good two weeks, and so far have completed everything up until the opening title screen. (About two minutes of cartoon.) The amount of detail I'm shoving up this cartoon's ass is gradually killing me from the inside - but I love that shit. Every time I zoom in/out I redraw the character/whatever is on screen, as I want to keep the line thickness consistant while maintaining the juice that the paintbrush gives you.

Also, fuck my ass is it violent. Number one is playschool compared to this, I feel a little ashamed actually.

The script is entirely written. The Reconnaissance Sniper (or Precise Man as some have taken to calling him) is back, along with Kanungenal, Prosnorkulus, and a new character who I reckon you will rather like.

Anyway here are some screenshots. Got a long ways to go yet. :D

EDIT: Check out DeathInk's sweet-ass painting of Porkdork!

Prosnorkulus 2 update!

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - April 11th, 2012

Made a new cartoon, friends. This one is a weird one. Sometimes I desire to do a shitload of frame-by-frame animation, and now I have satiated that desire. Check it ouuuuut!

Watch here on Newgrounds!

Watch on Youtube!

I make strange cartoons sometimes.

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - February 8th, 2012

Wow! Newgrounds looks sex-tastic. If I could grope its ass, I would.

Also, one of my old toons just got front page! Exchango Sizo

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - January 10th, 2012

Does anyone know of an effective swf to video converter for Windows? I guess this is aimed at all those people who put up HD videos of their cartoons on Youtube. How do you do that? The direct export from Flash is rather unreliable.

I'm willing to pay for one, obviously. All the free ones seem to be virus-infested sacks of dog chocolate.

Please don't just google Flash to video encoder and post the first one you find. I've tried many programs. I'm looking for an answer from someone who is actively using one of these programs and knows that it works.