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I made a short horror film!

Posted by MiddleFingerRings - April 1st, 2018

Hey guys! Just a little update in case anyone is interested - I've been continuing down the dark career path of a 3D artist, and have recently moved from Sydney, Australia to London. It's been a crazy time in my life, but a lot of fun too. Thanks for the emails about Prosnorkulus, it's always nice to hear from people who have appreciated my work in the past! I definitely have a lot of nostalgia about making those toons, but I'm always trying to stay focused and make the next move to achieve my long term goals. Unfortunately that means I don't have the time to make Prosnorkulus, despite how much fun it is.

If you want to see something I've been doing recently - I've been posting some new art here on NG! I also just finished a little horror short film! Here's the link: https://vimeo.com/262734585



Comments (11)

wtb prosnorkulus

prosnorkulus 3 when?

Gotcha gotcha!


Ahhhh christ, I thought all these images were models but it's even more insane you did this fine detail in 3D, looks gorgeously horrifying!! Lovely work and I'll be sure to check out your film

Thanks, I appreciate it!

very creepy, but also very detailed and nicely designed.

keep up the good work!

Thanks man!

Pretty good! The first two shots are very well done, and the pacing is good. Good examples of controlling your light sources. The long turn around the corner was also effective. The acting could definitely be a bit better, but hey you accomplished what you set out to do with the end, looks like.

Thanks dude! Yeah I ran into a lot of problems due to the acting, which I had to do a lot of editing around. My fault really - I didn't want to hire professional actors for this one since I knew I would make a lot of mistakes and it was primarily done as a learning process. Now I feel much more confident to give a professional cast and crew some good direction next time. :) Jimmy did a good job for a non-actor!

BadAss! Awesome work! I'd say your adventure into the 3D realm has been a successful one!

Thanks a lot. :)

Hi man! I discovered Prosnorkulus a while ago and then showed it to my friends who fell in love with the characters! Keep doing an awesome work, but don't forget your toon projects too!
By the way, love your 3d models. Make me shiver!

Prosnorkulus is one of my favorite toons here on Newgrounds. Would be nice to see more of that, but do what you gotta do!

Good to see your still alive and kickin my dude!

I check up on you for Prosnorkulus every few months since the talk of "another year" for the next one.

That said I always see you doing amazing stuff that isn't prosnorkulus and im always surprised at just how broad your skills are. Keep following your dreams friend, you're very talented and don't need to be shackled to an old project. Just do a drawing of the precision sniper for us sometime, that was the whole kick for that movie, just how fucking weird he looked and sounded. Saying "preeeessiiiiiciiiiooooooon shooooooooooootuuuuuuhhh" is a semi regular sentence in my household.