Prosnorkulus 2 is out!

2013-01-01 16:48:48 by MiddleFingerRings

Holy fuck my ass that cartoon took a long time. Hope you guys like it!

Also: Just got my NG Calender! :D I've been floundering these past two days of 2013 without it.

Prosnorkulus 2 is out!


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2013-01-01 16:54:10

It's... beautiful.


2013-01-01 17:05:29

these are gonna require some precise shots....ffffuck.


2013-01-01 17:23:23

My god that was beautiful


2013-01-01 18:28:45

Giant bear as a mount was so fitting.


2013-01-01 18:42:55

fantastic! when can we expect Ep. 3? next week?

MiddleFingerRings responds:

It's gunna take me at LEAST a week and a half.


2013-01-01 19:40:13

opening the year whit the most badass series hell yeah


2013-01-01 21:20:12

Yeah man.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

YEAH man.


2013-01-01 22:38:23

You have a knack for comedic timing, which is extremely rare on NG. Haven't laughed at a flash here for a very long time. Fantastic job.


2013-01-01 23:28:55

Quality, chunky gibblet gravy, mon. Starting to shape up quite nicely as a series... hoping for some good angles in the battle scenes coming up! That sniper's a rad character!


2013-01-02 01:41:37

Goddamn man, why do you have to leave it at such an awesome cliffhanger? Why you gotta be strip teasing like that? -_________-

PLEASE tell me there's not as long as a wait for the next episode, the anticipation is already killing me.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Ok, it's coming out tomorrow. TOMORROW IN FOUR YEARS. Does that joke make sense?


2013-01-02 10:19:21

That doesn't sound very precise.... nyeeeeeeh.


2013-01-02 10:19:21

That doesn't sound very precise.... nyeeeeeeh.


2013-01-02 15:06:34

Nice work Jiga


2013-01-03 04:16:41

I love how unique these characters are. They are absurd, grotesque, bad-ass, and hilarious.

The snipper is particularly amusing.

How 'long' exactly did it take to make this animation?

MiddleFingerRings responds:

I have no idea, tbh. It took a year of work off and on, but I had periods of months where I wasn't able to work on it due to university. If I worked on it non-stop it would probably have taken a good couple hundred hours.


2013-01-17 19:14:09

This is one of my favorite series' on Newgrounds :D (2nd favorite) My favorite part about this is how unique the characters are. Even the minor soldier characters are unique. Love this soo much, it should be on TV :) but nobody watches tv anymore... Hope to see episode 3 within the next few decades :) Keep up the great work man.


2013-01-30 15:48:19

prosnorculus. How ever did you come up with that name ? Prosnorkulus. I can't think of anything that would not be a massive hit with that name.

the bear riding dwarf gore helps thou.

oh yes bigfan


2013-01-31 09:02:04

Hey, Thanks for the awesomeness. Hope some rich fan would finance a Prosnorkulus movie. Ever thought about it?

Güd Luck


2013-02-07 01:11:23

the day the next one comes out I'ma get as loaded as I possibly can, strap some headphones on, and pray to my nonexistent god that your music selection skills have not deteriorated